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thrymur-mainos-lowres-tn.jpgStable Sommarbo

We at Stable Sommarbo aim to breed Icelandic horses with superb conformation and riding ability. We are working towards this goal by using mares and stallions that have been awarded 1st prize at breeding shows. The horses we use for breeding must also have a pleasant temperament and be easy to handle.

Even the finest of horses cannot perform to the best of their ability without quality training provided by competent professionals. Our long-standing collaboration with skilled experts ensures that all our horses receive proper basic training. Only then can we get a clear picture of the purpose that each horse is best suited for. 

Johanna Koivunen is in charge of the breeding of Icelandic horses at Sommarbo. Her husband, Pasi, and their eldest daughter, Eveliina, have also taken a keen interest in the horses.

Breeder of the Black Stallions: Johan Öström

Thursday 9/9/10 - Johanna Koivunen


Thrymur as a 5-year-old.

Out of the sons of Tinna från Tjusta, three are currently living in Finland: Thrymur, Töfri and Trostan. The fourth brother, Thór från Järsta, recently made a memorable appearance in the Nordic Championships, winning the gold medal for Sweden in T2. 

So what do the brothers have in common? Better-than-average gaits to be sure, as well as impressive size, long legs, handsome conformation and black color, although the youngest brother also has the gray gene. 

Tinna’s owner is Johan Öström from Sweden. This tall man, always carrying a camera around his neck, is a very familiar sight to many regular visitors of international Icelandic horse events – and also an inexhaustible source of information about anything and everything that concerns the pedigrees and accomplishments of Icelandic horses.

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Horsemanship begins with respect

Tuesday 4/6/10 - Johanna Koivunen


A World Champion many times over,
Gummi also won gold and silver at the
2009 World Championships in Switzerland

Gummi Einarsson has competed with Icelandic horses for over 30 years and won many prizes in prestigious competitions during this time. In 2009, he won three Swedish Championships and also took home one gold and one silver medal from the World Championships in Switzerland. Gummi is genuinely happy about the success he has achieved through hard work but considers the FEIF Feather Prize he was awarded at the World Championships to be an even greater honor.

The FEIF judges observed the competitors throughout the week, watching them practice, prepare and compete. Based on what they had seen, the judges selected a competitor who had succeeded in demonstrating exemplary horsemanship and light, supple riding during the week. All 15 judges voted Gummi as the winner of the FEIF Feather Prize.

In this article, Gummi shares some of his own ideas about good horsemanship with us. He places heavy emphasis on respecting your horse, is a great believer in hard work, and also thinks that you should love what you do and have fun doing it.

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